Album Debut BITCHHAMMER Raging Hell Rivers

Bitch Hammer cover art

BITCHHAMMER “Raging Hell Rivers”


It’s an excellent piece of black-thrash metal highly influenced by old Venom, Hellhammer, Sodom, etc. Coming from Leipzig, Germany these guys forged a quite excellent EP of four tracks full of a furious mix of both genres.

Of course, these tunes have thick roots in Mötorhead’s attitude and I must say that they have excellent moments in punkish rage, like if they wanted to blend all those things we like from old school vibes, and create a new-born baby full of rottenness and punk attitude. Everything is tied by these cathartic guitar riffs and vertiginous drums. Also, I admit the band won me with apocalyptic atmospheres created by venomous vocal lines and profane sections. The band has good taste and created some really caustic musical arrangements here and there, and also they know how to hold punkish sounds without falling in childish mistakes. My favorite is “Northern Skies” which is a masterpiece composed with high calibre guitar riffs in Nordic mood and perennial attack to the chords of the instrument. It’s a quite painful and furious piece of black metal here. This is recommended for those who are looking for good hybrids of thrash metal and black metal. – Victor Varas

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