Album Review CAPRICORNUS TENEBRARUM Et Demonivm at Aeternvm

Capricornus Tenebrarum cover art

CAPRICORNUS TENEBRARUM “Et Demonivm at Aeternvm”

Dead Center Prods

If I don’t mistake, this horde comes from Hermosillo, Sonora, a city in the north of Mexico where I know there is a quite solid and strong black metal scene. According to Metal Archives, these demons have previous experience in different black metal bands in the past.

They don’t have any official demo but released this piece of darkness, direct to the point. It’s nothing less than black metal attack full of ominous lines and grim atmospheres obviously influenced by Nordic old sounds. It seems like they are looking for an own sound but they have to shake clothing of this cradleoffilth-dimmuborgir sound. Also, I admit that keyboards give a particular sound to the music, but the band composes some melodies that really sound nice (in the worst way) for black metal genre. Anyway, the band sounds good and rich of high octane guitar riffs. I’m sure they’ll find their place in Mexican black metal scene soon as we can hear some very decent and interesting structures here and there. My advice if you hate cradleoffilth-keyboards atmospheres don’t stand over here, this band abused of them in specific moments. – Victor Varas

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