Album Review DROWN IN BLOOD Addicted to Murder

Drown in Blood cover art

DROWN IN BLOOD “Addicted to Murder”

Earthquake Terror Noise

Don’t confuse this Italian band with the band DROWNED IN BLOOD from Mexico. These guys have been active since 2009 and the debut album is not bad at all. Coming from Milan, Lombardy, this is a band that knows exactly what they want as they deliver high octane death metal forged in aggression, rottenness and brutal stuff.

Of course you will find high doses of technical stuff here, but these guys are more into brutality and gore, and it will not disappoint anyone who worships those genres. All tracks have thick roots in American old death metal bands, but I liked the way these guys reinterpreted the genre with complex guitar riffs and a vocalist extremely rabid and powerful. Also, recording sound is significantly good and well tied. It seems like they wanted to sound direct to the bone, but they also know about modernity and good taste. All in all, this is a good debut album highly recommended if you are into brutal death metal ala old school, with sulphuric doses of morbid stuff. – Victor Varas

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