Album Review EMBRACE OF THORNS Darkness Impenetrable

Embrace of Thorns cover art

EMBRACE OF THORNS “Darkness Impenetrable”

Nuclear War Now! Productions

Aaaargh!! This is another piece of putrefaction forged with members of the Greek elite. The horde was formed in 1999 and includes dudes from bands like Necrovorous, Serpent Noir, Burial Hordes, etc.

Actually, we are talking about another band where is involved Mr. Vagelis Felonis, who is one of the most prolific musicians in the area. Back to the album, this is forged in a very well balanced mix of death metal and black metal, taking the best elements from both genres. I really liked it because it has good taste on chaotic guitar riffs, but still sounds heavy and solid. Also, the band knows how to create dense atmospheres among caustic sections and extremely explosive parts. If you ask me, this album has excellent epic moments full of complexity, chaos and painful guitar riffs. My favorite track is “Charon’s ride over wasteland” which sounds like a war machine. Of course the band doesn’t invent something new, but I admit that everything is on its place and the album was recorded to become a classic in the near future. I recommend it to old bastards who worship Greek black metal since the beginning of time. – Victor Varas

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