Album Review SACCAGE Vorace

Saccage cover art

SACCAGE “Vorace”


This EP is released in 7” vinyl format, and contains four studio tracks plus three live tracks. It’s nothing less than a Canadian horde that manufacture a very decent mix of thrash metal and black metal in the vein of the most satanic, alcoholic and punkish side of the genre.

Of course they don’t composed intricate sections; this is pure raw and direct metal with rancid guitar distortion and rabid vocal lines. Maybe, music has moments where sounds a bit repetitive and flat, but vocalist has personality and he literally rescued some sections from boring. Also, in live tracks the band denotes high calibre shows, and truly energetic massacre on stage. At least this is what we can hear. Before you say that this is another “black-thrash metal gang full of alcohol”, you should give it a chance. Maybe they are hahaha!! But they are doing the right things. – Victor Varas

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