Album Review SANGUS Saevitia

Sangus cover art

SANGUS “Saevitia”

Eternal Death

This is a quite violent piece of black metal coming from Rhode Island. If you ask me, the band delivers high doses of aggression in a particular mood of thrash/black metal, but it still sounding dark and morbid.

After a couple of demos, these guys released an EP with hyper fast five tracks full of holocaustic guitar riffs. This sounds extremely aggressive, like a killer cyborg machine, if you know what I mean, and definitely denotes musicians quite experienced in extreme metal music. Also, I must say that some moments called my attention, as the opening section of “Live to kill” which is an ode to chaos and ferocious black metal structures ala old Blasphemy, old Impaled Nazarene, etc. The sound of this band makes tense your brain, even if you are highly familiar with the most chaotic and bloody side of the genre. It’s recommended for those who are digging in the underground scene in USA. This EP comes in 7” vinyl format, only 600 copies. – Victor Varas

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