Album Review SHROUD OF DESPONDENCY Family Tomb

Shroud of Despondency cover art



Some years ago, when I worked in printed version of this fanzine, arrived a physical promo via snail mail from this band. In those years I was really impressed because everything was composed by one man and it really sounded dirty, complex and solid at the same time.

Now I got this new promo and I must say that time has increased the level of composition for Rory Heikkila, who is the mastermind of the project. Coming from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, this black entity has released a bunch of albums, demos, and Split releases since 1999, and truly delivers dark feelings and ominous atmospheres through sonic miasmas. All tracks sound with high doses of complexity and this guy has good taste because he added death metal elements, atmospheric elements, even folk elements as we can hear in song “In view of Birth”. Also, everything is tied by a sinister wall of keyboards which gives a particular sense of evilness. This album is full of creativity, furious sections and complex atmospheres, if you are into distinctive black metal bands coming from American underground scene, this is for you. – Victor Varas

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