Album Review SIGNALFEIDE Occupation Poetry

Signalfeide cover art

SIGNALFEIDE “Occupation Poetry”


This is an interesting EP forged in absolutely atmospheric darkness. It’s nothing but a duo entity from Norway and USA that composed simple and effective tracks in the vein of the oldest and rawest side of the genre.

All tracks are based in clean guitar lines, and truly haunted melodies with high octane keyboard walls here and there. I have to admit that they have some brilliant moments where music sounds really good, in progressive-rock mood. Definitely they know about how to create obscured atmospheres with class. Keyboards effects sound darks and quite sinister, and everything is charged with a heavy weight of ambient tunes. I also have to say that they abuse a bit of chorus effect in keyboards and guitar’s sound, and the result is more like 70’s psychedelic music, if you know what I mean. If I don’t mistake, a big percentage of all music is in clean guitar parts, with an experimental-pagan-folk mood, and definitely you have to be prepared mentally if you don’t want to suddenly fall asleep. Track “Morals Flogged” has drums and a bit more intention to deliver black metal sound than any other track. All in all, this is an interesting release of obscure music, with no guttural vocals but still sounding deadly. – Victor Varas

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