Album Review VALBORG Romantik

Valborg cover art

VALBORG “Romantik”

Temple of Torturous

Coming from Germany, these experienced musicians released the fifth full length album via Temple of Torturous, in vinyl format. Although is not my favorite genre in metal music, this piece of slow, atmospheric and hatred metal called my attention because of its lines of depression and despair.

The band was founded in 2002 and they’ve been the same compositors since the beginning, except for the drummer. On this album all tracks share the same slow tempo and atmosphere. If you ask me, they are always looking for new horizons, musically speaking, though we can name thick roots on progressive rock, and European doom metal from the 90’s. The main characteristic here is that every song transmits different states of mind and of course it takes you into (almost) hypnotic trips in melodic walls of sound. Music manages different layers, but everything is tied by darkness and sorrow feelings, if you know what I mean. All in all it’s a good album with tons of atmospheric elements. For moments this turns interesting and fresh, but in duality it becomes a bit boring, so you have the last word. – Victor Varas

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