Woebegone Obscured cover art


Solitude Productions

What a piece of obscurity I have here!! This is doom-death metal forged in the most insane, apocalyptic and abyssal side of both genres. I really like this kind of low-tuned doom metal forged in painful guitar riffs and effective structures.

Of course, the band is not away from complexity, but music has roots in basic stuff and you can recognize influences from 90’s doom metal music in Europe. Based in Denmark, these guys created an excellent piece of dark poetry with funeral elements, and literally suicidal tendencies. If you ask me, I’m very impressed because of the maturity and professionalism on this opus. Although, I admit it’s not a genre I enjoy quite often due it’s very slow and atmospheric for me. This EP contains three original tracks plus a cover version of “Call from the grave” (Bathory) which is not bad at all, and a cover version of “Xavier” original of Dead Can Dance, which I haven´t heard original, but it sounds good enough for me. – Victor Varas

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