Album Review EVIL FORCE Ancient Spores

Evil Force cover art

EVIL FORCE “Ancient Spores”

Headbanger Force Productions

What a piece of aggressive speed/ thrash metal I have here!! This is pure Latin-American attack full of evilness, and you will worship if you are into the most violent and evil side of the genre.

Coming from Asuncion, Paraguay, these guys released an excellent debut album although they have a quite decent discography since 2005, with various Split and EP releases. All tracks are composed in the same way of extremely fast guitar riffs and atomic rhythms, and forged to destroy your ears in the first seconds. Vocals sound ferocious and raw, perfect for the genre. Also, I have to mention that recording sound is direct to the bone, but clear enough to show that they have musical high skills. Of course, the band has many influences and you can name big names like Exodus, Overkill, as well as Destruction, early Kreator, Mekong Delta, etc. But I admit they are looking for and own style and they definitely are near to get it. The band sounds great and with huge metallic spirit. I recommend it for worshippers of thrash metal, and those who know about speed metal genre. – Victor Varas

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