Album Review HYBRID NIGHTMARES The Second Age

Hybrid Nightmare cover art



I don’t know why Australian metal bands have a particular taste, no matter which genre they play. This is not the exception and I’m really glad to meet them, as they created a really good release here.

It’s an EP that follows the first part of a saga which is titled “Second Age”, and it delivers a particular mix of death metal with progressive elements and a good work in aggressive lines. All tracks are based in excellent rhythm sections among solid structures and melodic lines. If you ask me, they are more proximal to progressive death metal than anything else, although some call this band as “progressive black metal”. Anyway, we are not here to label an album, and I must say that this band has quite mature ideas and high musical skills. I admit that I don’t like some sections as they refer to a very eclectic composition process (yes, you can call me a purist, I really hate some “folk” lines in metal music) but everything is on its place and this EP must be listened carefully to discover new elements. It’s another new promise coming from that side of the world. – Victor Varas

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