Raging Death cover art

RAGING DEATH “Raging Death”

Punishment 18 Records

I can’t remember the last time I reviewed a thrash metal band from Poland. For those who think that the only metal genre coming from this country is death/black metal, here we have an excellent example of aggressive thrash metal forged in blood and violence.

Coming from Żory, Poland, these guys released a very promising debut album highly influenced by old American thrash metal and high doses of crossover style. Of course, it seems like these guys are die-hard fans of big names like Sacred Reich, Anthrax, Exodus, Metallica, etc. All tracks have excellent rhythm sections and solid guitar riffs. My only complaint is that vocalist Igor Faliński should look for an own style a bit more. I mean, it’s hard to say that he has developed an own sound, although he did a reasonable good work here. Anyway, guitar’s work has excellent arrangements as well as all tracks share the same atmosphere of oldish metal music. This is recommended for those who are looking for new thrash metal bands with old school sound. – Victor Varas

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