Album Review TITANS EVE Chasing the Devil

Titans Eve cover art

TITANS EVE “Chasing the Devil”


This is the third full length album of the band and I wonder why they have not been signed by any label. Coming from Vancouver, Canada, these guys forged a very interesting and unique form of thrash metal with modern elements here and there, and high doses of technique at instrumentation.

All tracks have good guitar work, as they composed twin guitar lines, solid musical arrangements and excellent solos. The most characteristic element in this band is vocalist’s style. It’s a rare mix of melodic but caustic and clean vocals, with traces of hard-core rabid screams. It reminds me Al Jourgensen in early albums of Ministry. Anyway, this piece of melodic thrash metal is very well produced and delivers some really good moments on specific tracks. My favorite one is “No Kingdom” which has a very good work on guitar riffs and solos. Give it a chance if you can deal with thrash metal bands making good stuff with modern elements and melodic lines. – Victor Varas

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