Album Review ATOMIK DESTRUKTOR Unnatural Disorder

Atomik Destruktor cover art

ATOMIK DESTRUKTOR “Unnatural Disorder”


These guys released a great debut album forged in the most insane and provocative thrash metal in the vein of old Exodus, Destruction, Kreator, etc. Coming from Portugal, this band has the knowledge of the genre and this album contains really good guitar riffs and ferocious vocal lines.

Of course, it seems like they have previous experience in other bands and this denotes quite mature ideas and high octane structures in specific moments. But don’t expect a shiny production here. The recording sounds completely direct to the bone and raw as shit. My favorite track is “War Machin” which is a really good example of fast guitars, holocaustic lines and pure thrash metal attack. This piece of aggression is highly recommended for those who are looking for unknown names in European underground scene. Of course, they don’t invent something new in the genre but everything is on its place and you may enjoy it with few beers. Victor Varas

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