Album Review DISRUPTED Morbid Death

Disrupted cover art

DISRUPTED “Morbid Death”

Memento Mori

Holy shit! This is another death metal gem coming from Sweden. For those who think that the genre repeats itself and is difficult to find something new in underground bands, these guys released an excellent debut album forged in morbid, stinky and almost punkish death metal.

Of course, they are influenced by big names of Swedish death metal from 90’s, but I liked the way they reinterpreted a genre that commonly has been kidnapped by young clones and posers around the globe. This shit is authentic and you can feel the rottenness in first notes. Also, I must say that all tracks have the same vibe of rabid punk music as it delivers high doses of furious lines and venomous structures. Everything is under a dark atmosphere and they have the good taste of including some well-done guitar solos with metallic spirit, here and there. It’s a highly recommended debut album for those who realty like the Swedish sound in heaviness and vertiginous death metal. – Victor Varas

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