Album Review IN MUTE One in a Million

In Mute cover art

IN MUTE “One in a Million”

Gad Gad Music

I’m not very into melodic death metal, but I admit that these Spanish guys called my attention because of the solid songs forged in apocalyptic guitar riffs and ultrafast structures.

The band has obvious references to melodic death metal big names like In Flames, Arch Enemy, Soilwork, etc, as all tracks include high doses of technique and modern elements, which are driven with good taste btw. Vocalist Steffi did an excellent work behind the microphone and she really knows how to deliver ferocity, aggressiveness and attitude in every line. Maybe she sounds “very Gossow” if you know what I mean, but I’m sure that she will develop an own style with a bit more time. Also, guitarists included some totally unnecessary solos in specific moments: you know those guitar solos short, fast, ultra-technical and unnecessary shit. Anyway, this is a good EP coming from Valencia; it’s highly recommended if you worship awesome front female bands in the vein of the above mentioned names. As extra info, these guys won the WOA Metal Battle in 2014. – Victor Varas

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