Album Review MY LAMENT Sorrow

My Lament cover art

MY LAMENT “Sorrow”

Solitude Productions

This is not a very prolific band but I must say that almost all material I’ve heard from them is quite good and solid. Formed in 2002 these Belgian musicians are into the roads of doom/death metal combining atmospheric elements with aggressive sections and clean vocals.

They released a very decent debut album in 2009 and this year they returned with an EP full of interesting stuff. All tracks are forged in painful guitar lines and depressive sections, but these musicians have good taste in obscured atmospheres; inclusive, they added a soft dose of improvisation in track “Blossom” and “Night” which is one of the most interesting pieces of European doom metal I’ve heard this year, btw. For those who think that doom metal these days can turn in something bored and anesthetic, give a chance to this EP. You have to listen to it several times in order to catch the vibes full of nostalgia, obscurity and sorrow. This is highly recommended, I must say. – Victor Varas

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