Album Review TYRANNY ENTHRONED Our Great Undoing

Tyranny Enthroned cover art


Blast Head Records

On the second full length album, these guys created a really good chaotic miasma with black metal mixed with death metal, complex elements and ominous melodies.

Actually, everything sounds very clear and chaotic at the same time which is a good sign if you are into the road of blackened/death metal. If you ask me, the band has roots in different sides of black metal genre as we can hear Nordic atmospheres and apocalyptic structures full of darkness and fury. I like the way Jesse McCoy created peculiar vocals, spinning between deep gutturals and poisonous growls in specific moments. Also, the album is surrounded by an obscured atmosphere which defines where these guys are going. All in all, this is an excellent second creation forged in the black fire and complexity. It’s a band based in St. Louis, Missouri, and you should keep an eye into its work if you like black/ death metal with high doses of twisted sections and apocalyptic tunes. – Victor Varas

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