Album Review ULULATE Back to cannibal world

Ululate cover art

ULULATE “Back to cannibal world”

Xtreem Music

This is an authentic jewel from Asian underground scene. Also, it’s my first encounter with Chinese metal scene. Coming from Beijing, this one-man band released a superlative death metal album with high doses of complexity, rawness and obscurity.

Of course, mastermind “Spectre” has visible roots in death metal from 90’s, but I must admit he has found an own sound, as you can hear extremely mature ideas in solid musical structures. The entire album is tied with obscure atmospheres and complex guitar riffs. Vocals follow the old school in the most morbid and sinister side of the genre, but the most important is that all the lines are very well thought and delivers extremely poisonous results. Also, I liked how this motherfucker combines fast and crude sections and slow tempo pieces of morbidity. As aforementioned, this is a gem coming from an uncommon place of Asia. It’s highly recommended for those old skulls who worship the crudest side of the genre. – Victor Varas

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