Album Review HOTH The Black Goddess Return

Hoth cover art

HOTH “The Black Goddess Return”

Iron, Blood & Death Corp.

This is a great piece of blasphemic black metal from the master mind of an old metal warrior: Jose Alfonso (Decayed, Nethermancy, Thugnor, etc) According to Metal Archives, this entity was formed 1988 but it seems like it’s not very prolific as we count only one demo and a couple of full length albums.

Of course, this is not into the “mainstream” side of the genre, this is forged in to the abysmal fires of underground, with high doses of primitive guitar riffs, punk structures and sulphuric atmospheres. It’s an album influenced by old names like Hellhammer, Venom, Mortuary Drape, etc but I admit that this also recalls me Lemmy K. in specific moments as this sounds crude and dirty to the core. Also, I have to say that everything is surrounded by a dark atmosphere made of blood and painful lines, as all tracks sounds nasty and direct to the bone. I liked the intro with a vintage “scratching” sound like vinyl discs in old times. All in all this is a great album full of bad blood and sinister tunes. It’s highly recommended if you worship the old names above mentioned. – Victor Varas

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