Album Review HUMAN WASTE Harvest Remnants

Human Waste cover art

HUMAN WASTE “Harvest Remnants”

Xtreem Music

At last, I can hear previous musical work of Dani Audí, owner of Discos Macarra. Nowadays, this guy is drummer of Memest (stoner rock) and it seems like he made a large career in death metal genre in 90’s.

This is supposed to be a definitive compilation of all demos from 1991 to 1993, just a year before the band released the debut album. Of course these guys started in the most insane and brutal side of the genre. First demos show a solid band with thrash metal ideas mixed with death metal. There are some sprinkles of punk hard-core in almost all tracks and this is a good signal because shows the real roots in those days. It calls my attention the material in “Promo 1993” which sounds extremely complex, technical and rotten. The band features quite good musicians and shows influences from many sources, like Death, Atheist, Morgoth, Pestilence, etc. All guitar riffs are incisive and with high doses of ferocity, and I admit the band forged an own style in those years and that’s not an easy thing. Also, I have to say that this is an authentic gem of ancient death metal from Spain. It’s only for good old warriors. As extra info, the compilation includes a cover version of “Circle of the Tyrants”, original from Celtic Frost. – Victor Varas

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