Album Review MY WOODEN PILLOW Uncomfortable

My Wooden Pillow cover art

MY WOODEN PILLOW “Uncomfortable”


This is not bad at all for a debut EP. Coming from Manchester, UK these guys recorded a quite good debut forged in hardcore elements, thrash metal and death metal. Of course you must know those genres, to get a decent hybrid, if you know what I mean.

Here, we are talking about a band with experience and the knowledge of metal music to mix properly musical elements without falling in childish mistakes. Also, all tracks are distinctive from each other and that’s something hard to find. Guitar lines are obscure and eclectic at the same time as this guy Hassan uses different influences with no problem. The work of vocalist Michelle is superlative as she mixes guttural style ala Jeff Walker, and clean vocal lines with class. Actually, I don’t like when bands mix both styles, but this case is quite different and called my attention since the first track. My favorite song is “MWP” which is a perfect example of balanced heavy metal with roots on melodic death metal ala Carcass (Swansong era), and matured ideas. Everything is tied by an obscured and apocalyptic atmosphere and gives a particular view of modern metal music. Really, you have to give it a chance. – Victor Varas

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