Album Review PIRAÑA Raw

Pirana raw cover art



It’s an authentic gem of Mexican metal music. This is supposed to be a MCD that the band printed specially for the European Tour, last month. It contains three new tracks, and one cover version, and it truly shows a totally mature band full of good ideas and experienced.

Coming from Queretaro, Mexico, these guys have a large career in the thrash metal land, and definitively they are a reference of national metal music these days. On this MCD we find three songs forged in holocaustic guitar lines, complex structures and high doses of chaos. The fact is that everything sounds tied as shit and denotes high musical skills of everyone. Also, the band is in the point where every single note sounds distinctive and congruent to vocal lines. Influences are too many to mention, but I’m sure this band will blow your head off if you worship true Latin American thrash metal. Why is this MCD a gem? Simply, because Mr. Hitchcock from Zombiefication made all the art and design. And it’s handmade and hand numbered, just like the old good times. It’s a highly recommended piece of thrash metal forged in Mexican flames. As extra info, this MCD includes a cover version of “Metálica”, original from the legend Six Beer. Not bad at all! – Victor Varas

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