Album Review SEPULCHRAL CURSE A Birth in Death

Sepulchral Curse cover art


Chaos and Hell Prods

This is an excellent piece of real death metal coming from Finland. It features Kari, vocalist from Solothus, so you may imagine what it’s about so far.

The debut EP includes four tracks forged in apocalyptic guitar riffs, deadly structures with punkish influences here and there, and a very peculiar and morbid perspective that describes the essence of ancient death metal in the north of Europe. Vocals are phenomenal, as this guy changes in specific moments from guttural-cavernous style to total mad mode. The good taste and the roots are visible in the structures of every track and it definitely evokes old entities of the genre. Also, I have to say that recording sounds simply brutal and you can hear all the crudeness at instrumentation. This is another gem of Nordic death metal and it’s highly recommended if you follow the genre since the beginning. – Victor Varas

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