Album Review DISSECDEAD Swamp of Suffering

Dissectdead cover art

DISSECDEAD “Swamp of Suffering”

Self- released

Duuude! Now meet the meaning of brutality. These guys really impressed me with high octane death metal forged in the true essence of the genre, and although they’ve been active since only 2011, it sounds even better than some big name out there.

Coming from Berlin, Germany, these rotten entities focused the time in songwriting and production instead of promoting in social media, or playing gigs, and believe me: they know what they are doing! It’s a big piece of explosive and poisonous death metal with high doses of brutality, morbidity and technique. Actually, I really like the guitar arrangements in all tracks as are based in good taste and a particular perspective of metallic spirit. The entire album is great but it has great moments on specific points like “Shrine of Pestilence” which is a perfect example of balanced rhythm sections, brutal vocal lines and excellent dark atmospheres. When I hear CDs like this one, I wonder why they haven’t been signed by any label, yet. Maybe some gems of underground scene must remain hidden until they find a properly label. No complaints at this point, this is excellent. It’s highly recommended for all of you, motherfuckers!! – Victor Varas

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