Album Review FOG Mors Atra

Fog cover art

FOG “Mors Atra”

Sliptrick Records

Don’t confuse this band with the other dozen that share the same name. This one is from Liguria, Italy, and according to the biography, they’ve been active since 1997 although haven’t been a very prolific band as this is the debut album after some demos in 2003.

Anyway, this is authentic and corrosive death metal with high doses of technical elements and very solid guitar rhythm sections. If you ask me, they have thick roots in thrash metal as some dirty rhythms are included in specific moments and it gives personality to the shit. I like how vocalist William Perfigli composed complex lines inside guitar structures and uses a quite versatile technique behind the micro. Also, all tracks are surrounded by a particular taste of rottenness and furious elements. Definitely the band doesn’t want to reinvent the genre, but everything is tied with excellent moments and interesting sections full of old school vibes and necrotic miasmas. This is a good debut album for an old band that deserved to have it, if you know what I mean. The first circle in music story of the band closes with this release, and now we will keep an eye on the band for further works. – Victor Varas

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