Album Review THE DEAD GOATS Don’t Go in the Tomb

The Dead Goats cover art

THE DEAD GOATS “Don’t Go in the Tomb”

Arachnophobia Records

After many EPs, demos and Splits, these guys return with a three songs MCD full of rotten elements, the vein of old-school Swedish death metal and punkish attitude. Actually, I hear this piece of ferocity more into punk hardcore music than into death metal.

Whatever, I’m not to write a discourse that topic, the point is that these motherfuckers released a quite interesting MCD full of high octane guitar riffs and ferocious vocals. Coming from Wasilkow, Poland, the band features members of Neuropathia , an old band of grindcore. Of course it denotes very experienced people and a nice album of mature ideas. But who cares about maturity in this particular case? All tracks sound corrosive as shit, and very destructive if you know what I mean. The work of vocalist is awesome and I’m sure he sounds extremely brutal in live gigs. It’s a great recording for a good death metal band that I’m sure will hit big cartels soon. As extra info, this MCD includes a cover version of “Festering Boils” original from Repulsion. – Victor Varas

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