Album Review AUSTERYMN Sepulcrum Viventium

Austerymn cover art

AUSTERYMN “Sepulcrum Viventium”

Memento Mori

This band was formed in 2007 although originally they were known as Perpetual Infestation in early 90’s, and later as Godless Truth. Of course we are talking about a band with experience and high quality, as they know very well the roots of extreme metal music.

After a couple of promos, this is the debut album and I must say I’m impressed because of high octane tunes, professional musical arrangements and the extremely well-conceived concept. This is death metal with high doses of melodic and ominous stuff. Of course this is influenced by ancient death metal from Nordic area, specially known places like Stockholm,  but the band found a point where every track has own personality and gives another perspective of the genre. Don’t expect soft melodies in guitar lines, or a mix of guttural vocals and clean vocals. These guys have a good taste in the heaviest side of the genre and released truly good album full of metallic spirit and morbid melodies. For those who worship the apocalyptic side of melodic death metal genre, this is for you. – Victor Varas

@austerymnband (Twitter)

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