Album Review BIOTOXIC WARFARE Lobotomized

Biotoxic Warfare cover art


Static Tension Recordings

Where I’ve heard this drum rhythm? The first track of this album denotes high influences from Slayer, and that’s something good in modern thrash metal bands. Coming from Crete, Greece, these young musicians released a quite decent debut album forged in aggressive thrash metal.

This has thick roots in American thrash metal and they added a very distinctive corrosive touch which gives a particular personality to the sound. Also, I must say that I have mixed feelings about vocalist’s work, as for moments he gives rottenness and holocaustic lines, but he also has moments where he sounds a bit forced and weak. Anyway, musically speaking this band is good, very good! In tracks like “Dysphoric Reality” they just can´t hide an influence from Slayer, and they almost ripped of a couple of guitar riffs. Of course this was completely unnecessary! Whatever, the band sounds good and they just need to fix some specific aspects here and there. – Victor Varas

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