Album Review DEPRESSED Afterlife in Darkness

Depressed cover art

DEPRESSED “Afterlife in Darkness”

Self- released

What a piece of explosive and destructive death metal I have here! Coming from São Paulo, Brazil, these guys released an authentic jewel of death metal with high doses of brutality and holocaustic elements. According to bio, the band was formed in 1998, but they only released a demo 1999 before they parted ways.

The horde reunited in 2012 and they truly recovered an epic sound of bestiality in every track. Of course there are many influences, mainly from American death metal but I admit they have the knowledge of true morbidity in death metal, and all these tracks deliver high doses of technical but sick and chaotic stuff. Also, vocalist Giovani Venttura literally bites the microphone and gives a hyper-aggressive personality to the band. The recording sounds direct to the bone and it truly makes your ears bleed on every compass. It’s a great debut album highly recommended if you are looking for complexity, brutality and good taste in death metal. – Victor Varas

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