Album Review FUNERARY BELL Graveyard Séance

Funerary Bell cover art1

FUNERARY BELL “Graveyard Séance”

Saturnal Records

This is my first encounter with the band and I must say it’s quite impressive. Coming from Finland, this dark entity features members from bands like Verge, Nodian and Ancient Hatred. Of course they have huge experience in black metal and all genres surrounding, but on this band they walk in the fields of doom metal highly influenced by heaviness and epic moments.

I admit that I hear some tunes with corrosive doses of 90’s sound, but these guys added their own seal and deliver quite good work. Did I mention that this is a two-song EP? Well, the most impressive part is that guitar’s work is simply awesome, and everything is tied by a distinctive taste of good metallic spirit. I really like when composers do that no matter the genre of metal music. This a quite balanced work from a Nordic band interested in occultism and dark atmospheres. Highly recommended! – Victor Varas

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