Album Review OKTOR Another Dimension of Pain

Oktor cover art

OKTOR “Another Dimension of Pain”

Solitude Productions

This album is surrounded by a quite peculiar dark atmosphere. If you ask me, I’m not very into the so called funeral doom metal. Although I admit that some bands make a great work in literally painful tunes, and distressing guitar lines.

Coming from Warsaw, Poland, these guys formed the band in 2003 but they have huge experience since they’ve been playing under other names since 1996. After a couple of Eps this is supposed to be a debut album and it really surprised me because of high quality and extremely well done concept. All tracks are forged in slow tempo atmospheres and gloomy lines. Actually, I have to say that the band transmits a high octane doom death in specific parts, among heaviness and orgasmic guitar riffs. Also, I have to say that the album sounds quite epic and they know how to balance distinctive structures into dark atmospheres and cathartic walls of sound. It’s not bad at all for a debut album although it’s clear that the band features quite experienced members. It’s highly recommended for those who still worship the most tormented and venomous side of the genre. – Victor Varas

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