Album Review ALBATROSS Fear from the Skies

Albatross cover art

ALBATROSS “Fear from the Skies”

Transcending Obscurity India

And there goes another band from India, sounding quite interesting, twisted and far from what we are accustomed to hear in metal music. Coming from Mumbai, this is a peculiar gang formed with veteran members from other bands, and seems to be a good proposal with distinctive tunes and concept.

The album is based in stories and literature; actually, this is near to be a story-teller with the mature perspective of heavy metal music. All tracks are based in progressive metal, heavy metal and touches of experimental stuff (like the Intro Advance, The Raptorsville Fair, which sounds like Mike Patton’s madness or something) I must say that all songs are based in melodic guitar riffs and well-conceived vocal lines, if you ask me you can find some remnants of King Diamond’s heritage, overall when the band is telling sections of stories. Also, I admit that guitarist’s work impressed me with high octane solos and awesome musical arrangements. This is another first encounter with a band from India, and I’m pretty impressed. Just get it, you bastards! – Victor Varas

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