Album Review KRUOR Nightmares

Kruor cover art

KRUOR “Nightmares”

Self -released

This is another jewel from Finland’s underground metal scene. It’s pure fucking death metal in the way that only can be found in that land. After a debut album in 2011, these guys came back and they really did an excellent work, with thick roots death metal of 90’s.

It’s nothing but holocaustic guitar riffs on extremely obscure structures and morbid miasmas. All tracks have obscured atmospheres, an formed lines with strong musical arrangements and a respectable dose of chaotic elements, but I must say that everything is tied with good taste, technical elements and traces of brilliant compositions. Of course they know how to balance vertiginous rhythms and slow-tempo sections. If you listen to this for the first time, you may confuse with old death metal big names in the mid 90’s, but the band has personality and definitely they know what they doing. All in all, I don’t know why bands like this are not signed by big labels yet. As extra info, on this album Antti Boman (Demilich) recorded a track called “Witch trials”. Excellent!!- Victor Varas

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