Album Review LADY BEAST II

Lady Beast cover art


Infernö Records

After a debut EP in 2012, this is the return of one of the best heavy metal bands I’ve heard lately, from USA’s underground scene. This is a front woman band which every single note sounds honest to the core and full of iron.

Actually, they are highly influenced by NWOBHM, especially by early Iron Maiden. Shit, how they love twin guitar lines in almost every musical structure!!! All tracks have the same roots in rock and I’m sure more than one of you will go crazy with these vibes. Also, vocalist Deborah Levine has increased her level and now I found a superlative performance forged in purest metallic spirit. I really like the way how this band sounds “vintage” without falling in childish mistakes. Really, this band denotes huge experienced musicians, high musical skills and good taste in traditional side of heavy metal music. The fact is that they are doing what they really like, and duuude! it also denotes quite relaxed and funny people. They are a great machine, musically speaking if you know what I mean. This is highly recommended if you are looking for powerful underground bands with iron heart and truly metallic attitude. – Victor Varas

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