Album Review MERDA MUNDI VI – Khaos

Merda Mundi cover art


Kaotoxin Records

On my first encounter with this black entity I’m quite impressed because of high quality of guitar riffs, black metal structures and furious vocal lines. In fact, it’s a one-man band forged in the most insane and rawest side of black metal genre.

Master mind Déhà has huge experience with other bands as multi-instrumentalist composer, and definitely he knows which way he wants to go musically speaking. Also, all tracks deliver ominous atmospheres and black thoughts in the vein of old Nordic sounds in the 90’s. If you ask me, it really calls my attention because of layers over layers of mystical guitar lines and sinister keyboards. This guy has a good taste and composed excellent musical arrangements for distinctive and effective sections. The band is active since 2006 and has been releasing good pieces of metal in the underground scene. It comes from Belgium and I’m sure it will bite your brain if you are into well-produced black metal these days. – Victor Varas

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