Album Review MORBID VOMIT Return to the Crypts

Morbid Vomit cover art

MÖRBID VOMIT “Return to the Crypts”

Blast Head Records

Aaaaargh!! Finland again! This is supposed to be a compilation of everything they’ve recorded ‘till now. Yes, death metal with the purest essence of morbidity, brutality and complexity. The band features members of The Zombi, Devilhorn, Damngod, etc and seems to have huge experience in death metal business.

These blasphemers literally exploded my speakers as they deliver high octane guitar riffs and furious structures in the vein of old Nordic sounds. All tracks have excellent moments of apocalyptic lines and vocalist Ville Ryöti growls like possessed at every note. He knows how to take advantage of his throat very well! Also, I liked how they deliver completely rotten lines as decomposed corpse on the ground. In tracks like “Engulfed by the Plague” they make an excellent work and added high doses of melodic stuff, which sounds totally epic, if you know what I mean. Again we have a band that knows very well how to balance provocative death metal rhythms and slow-to death tempos. Fuck! This sounds heavily morbid and rotten!! – Victor Varas

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