Album Review OFFAL/ZOMBIE COOKBOOK Dementia Trash/ Motel Hell

Offal and Zombiecookbook cover art

OFFAL/ZOMBIE COOKBOOK “Dementia Trash/ Motel Hell”

Black Hole Productions

Aaargh!! On my first contact with OFFAL my ears started to bleed! Seriously, these Brazilian guys have the old school of bands like Autopsy, Massacre, old Therion, etc. This is dark death metal made of slow sections, corrosive guitar riffs and heaviness on every note.

On this Split 7” EP production we find only two tracks from the band and it really surprised me with high quality music, extra low tuned growls and tons of dark vibes. The other side is for ZOMBIE COOKBOOK which is another Brazilian horde of killers. They oriented a bit more to grind/death metal with solid elements of thrash metal and awesome guitar arrangements. Again, we find only two tracks full of putrefaction, low tuned guitars and a well-balanced miasma of chaos and solid grind death metal. This is a really good Split 7” EP and a good example of what is going on with the genre in Brazilian scene. – Victor Varas

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