Album Review VINTAGE WARLORDS The Invisible Foe

Vintage Warlords cover art

VINTAGE WARLORDS “The Invisible Foe”

Redefining Darkness Records

What a piece of slow death-doom metal I have here!! This sounds heavy and thick like devil’s cock and I’m sure most of you old skulls will be interested on it, he he he!.

Coming from the master mind of Thomas G. Plaguehammer (ex-Abigail Williams, ex-Neonatal Death) the most impressive aspect is that only on three tracks he forged a quite decent EP with personality and rabid atmospheres, without losing the focus on slow tempo death metal. This is forged mainly towards epic guitar riffs and intricate structures. If you ask me, vocalist Conor Byers reminds me for moments Jan-Chris de Koeijer as he knows how to deliver blood and pus through his throat. As aforementioned, this EP contains only three tracks full of powerful death metal in the vein of ancient sounds from Europe in the 90’s. Of course they have the knowledge and it’s not bad at all for a debut release. They come from US, and I’m sure they’ll be on big festivals soon. – Victor Varas

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