Album Review ABYSSUS Summon the Dead

Abyssus cover art

ABYSSUS “Summon the Dead”

Chaos & Hell Productions

This is an excellent example of Greek death metal highly influenced by the legacy of Lemmy K. and Mötorhead.

Actually, this EP contains extremely aggressive guitar riffs on simple but fast sections which also denotes punkish roots if you know what I mean. Coming from Athens, this band features ex members of Necrosis and Enshadowed, so you would imagine high musical skills around here. For some reason, this recalls me a lot early works of Unleashed, or early Obituary (only in specific moments) due Kostas throat. The band sounds really tight and tied to old school, but they know to add some brutal elements, slow tempo structures and overall, heaviness. As extra info, this EP brings a quite powerful cover version of “Outbreak of Evil” original from Sodom. It’s a four tracks EP, not bad at all!! – Victor Varas

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