Album Review FREEDOMINATION The Stand

Freedomination cover art


Self – released

Rarely new bands send a physical promo for review, these days. But this time it seems like these guys have the experience, and they know how to get real promotion. Formed in 2008 this is their second EP so far, and I must say that the band knows exactly what they want.

These guys have thick roots in thrash metal from 90’s, but they print high doses of heavy metal in almost all notes. I liked their compositions because they conceived very well a hybrid with NWOBHM elements, melodic heavy metal lines and traces of thrash metal mixture. The result is quite excellent and you can start to head banging since the first note. This band doesn’t need to look for false pretensions or try to sound vintage form. In the three songs contained on the EP we find thick roots, iron blood and rock attitude, so you can already imagine what is all about. This short EP is a quite interesting release from Finland’s underground metal scene. I hope it’s a prelude of a gem that is coming next. As extra info, this band features multi-instrumentalist Otto Luotonen, who has been part of bands like Satanic Evil, Rytmihäiriö, Força Macabra, Jumalation, etc. – Victor Varas

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