Album Review IRON KOBRA Might & Magic

Iron Kobra cover art

IRON KOBRA “Might & Magic”

Dying Victims Productions

Coming from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, this band features members of Attic, Warhammer, Destroyer, etc. so it seems like they have huge experience in music.

This horde calls my attention because they have more roots in NWOBHM than in Germanic heavy metal, if you know what I mean. Actually, all tracks are based in excellent melodic lines, solid guitar riffs and the purest essence of the metallic spirit. Also, they add some elements of speed metal and tracks like “Vanguard of Doom” are simply apotheosis of the genre. I liked the way they composed twin guitar lines in specific moments. That’s a good complement for classic heavy metal structures and pure iron running through the veins. My favorite track is “Spirit Archer” which is an excellent opus forged in the most epic side of the heavy metal genre. This is a great discovery of a band that keeps old school alive with no arrogant attitudes. – Victor Varas

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