Album Review TORMENTION Chaotic Delusions

Tormention cover art

TORMENTION “Chaotic Delusions”

Murder Records

What a piece of intense-brutal death metal I have here! Coming from Stockholm, Sweden, these guys released an excellent second opus, full of aggressive guitar riffs, ominous vocal lines and high doses of technical stuff.

This band simply has brilliant moments like track “legion” which is one of the best pieces of the genre I’ve heard this year. It takes you into a world of Oriental folklore elements, with a remarkable root of rottenness and brutality throughout the song like a deadly serpent inside the wall of heaviness. The entire album sounds melodic but putrid at the same time, which is a signal that good taste in extreme metal music is involved. Also, they add some atypical atmospheres with traditional instruments (I think) which give another personality to the result. The track “Chaotic Delusions” is a good example of it. All in all, this a really good piece of death metal with tons of dark ideas, and the search of new elements to enrich the genre. It’s highly recommended if you like technical-melodic death metal from the North of Europe and you don’t mind touches of modernity. – Victor Varas

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