Album Review DESOLATE PATHWAY Valley of the King

Desolate Pathway cover art

DESOLATE PATHWAY “Valley of the King”


Maybe is necessary to say that this band features a guitarist called Vince Hempstead who has been part of the ancient legends Pagan Altar and Sacrilege, so you can imagine what is about then.

This is a debut album, forged in absolutely powerful heavy metal with strong roots in NWOBHM, and mixed elements of obscured rock music. It’s true when they claim to be an “epic” band as they include lyrics about legends and fantasy, but they also composed high doses of melodic stuff in the vein of old metal in music. My favorite in this album is song “Forest of Mirrors” which doesn’t needs to demonstrate its roots in Black Sabbath’s legacy. It’s simply a great song based in effective guitar lines, excellent vocals and obscured vibes. “Last of my kind” is another quite interesting song which is based in a bass guitar line and dark vocals. This band sounds great and surely it will become a gem for followers of the genre, in the next years. Proudly forged in London, UK. – Victor Varas

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