Album Review HEAVYLUTION Children of Hat

Heavylution cover art

HEAVYLUTION “Children of Hate”

Brennus Music

Coming from Saint-Étienne, France these guys have been active since 2006 and this year released a very decent debut album. All tracks sound melodic, heavy and with high doses of power metal, but I must say that for moments it’s lack of velocity.

I don’t know if that’s a problem, but after fifth song, the album becomes a bit erratic and bored. Maybe I should wait until track 7 “The Eye will control” which is forged in a heavy metal mood, and it’s a bit faster. If you ask me, this is a really good band which makes good mid-tempo songs and high octane guitar riffs and musical arrangements; but a bunch of good mid-pace songs are not enough to call the attention of an old hairy-ears motherfucker like me. I admit that the band takes the best of modern elements to create this debut album, but the fact is that they should work a bit more to find their own sound or style. Not a big deal, this is a good release full of melody and progressive stuff, recommended for those who still believe in such a recycled genre. – Victor Varas

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