Album Review HYADES The Wolves Are Getting Hungry

Hyades cover art

HYADES “The Wolves Are Getting Hungry”

Punishment 18 Records

According to Metal Archives, this band is been active since 1996, features members of S.R.L. (Società a Responsabilità Limitata) and it’s already their fourth album.

Of course all tracks denote highly experienced musicians influenced by big names like Slayer, Exodus, Overkill, etc. These guys have good knowledge of the genre, and created a very decent album blending heavy metal elements with melodic thrash metal. If you ask me, this album is balanced musically speaking, and they dare to put doses of melody to the party, without sounding soft or “alternative”. All tracks have excellent musical arrangements and it truly shows that the band knows what they want. For moments, vocalist Marco Colombo screams like possessed and it gives a peculiar taste to the songs. Also, everything is tied with metallic spirit and you can feel solid roots in the genre, as if they were still living in 80’s. This is a good album coming from Italy, and in my first encounter I’m pretty impressed because of high quality. It’s highly recommended for those who like to hear the best of European underground scene with a can of beer. – Victor Varas

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