Album Review MORTAL STRIKE For the Loud and the Aggressive

Mortal Strike cover art

MORTAL STRIKE “For the Loud and the Aggressive”


Coming from Vienna, Austria, these guys created an excellent piece of thrash metal and I think they will be in the next level soon. It’s nothing less than deadly thrash metal forged in holocaustic guitar riffs, traces of crossover lines and old school vibes.

Actually, all tracks remind me a lot Exodus, Destruction, Kreator, Necronomicon, and it seems like these guys are fans of those ancient gangs. I liked how the band created balanced structures with good taste in melodic lines and hyper-aggressive guitar riffs. Also, everything is tied by a good dose of technical stuff which denotes high musical skills. My favorite track is “Unleash the Hounds of War Pt. 2“which has excellent classy guitar riffs and powerful mid pace sections. Of course, the roots in Germanic thrash metal are thick and visible at every moment, but don’t expect a copy or wannabes. This is thrash metal at its best, with class and tons of fresh ideas. It’s ultra-recommended!! As extra info, this album includes a cover version of “Zombie Attack”, original from Tankard. – Victor Varas

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