Album Review REANIMATOR Horns Up

Reanimator cover art



Hopefully, the next generation of thrash metal bands would got this powerful vibe at every note. For fans of Municipal Waste, Exodus, Testament, etc, these guys released a very solid second album and it’s full of vertiginous songs, killer guitar riffs and the purest essence of the genre.

Coming from Quebec, it’s a quite aggressive and rabid thrash metal band with thick roots in American old names. Of course, they are looking an own personality, but they are not here to change the genre. Actually, they take the best of the genre and added some steroids and speed, the result is awesome. Vocalist Patrick Martin makes a really good work and literally spits blood and rawness at every line. Also, I liked how these guys added high doses of technical structures (and excellent guitar arrangements) without falling in childish mistakes. This is an excellent option if you are looking for jewels in the new generation of thrash metal genre. It’s highly recommended if a vest full of patches is part of your diary clothing. – Victor Varas

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