Album Review SATURNINE Mors Vocat

Saturnine cover art

SATURNINE “Mors Vocat”

Terror from Hell Records

Wow! This is definitely one of my discoveries of the year. Following the ancient tradition of slow, heavy and dense doom metal, the band created an awesome debut album forged in pure essence of the genre.

And it worth every cent, really! We have 7 tracks of obscure death metal full of painful lines and guttural vocals, and I must say that everything is tied by a peculiar miasma with odour of 90’s, but music also recalls a bit old psychedelic rock from 70’s, so the result is quite interesting. If you ask me, the recording is perfect for the concept: raw, direct and rude. You can feel corrosive in your skin and maggots in your brain at every note. I liked it because it contains high doses of complexity although most of the tracks are really slow and heavy. Also, they are not afraid to bite you with such deadly and low-tune guitar riffs, like a dinosaur steps on the mud. Did I mention that they are women? From Italy. Enjoy! – Victor Varas

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